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martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Eclipse set 2 dvd Mexico Edicion Especial

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miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

Muñecos 12" Harry Potter Tonner

Nuevos muñecos de 12" Tonner de Harry Potter y Ron Weasley. Tambien disponibles los Tonner normales de muchos otros personajes.

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martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010


 Hay varias versiones para Eclipse, aqui una recopliacion:

  • Single DVD
  • Single Blu-ray
  • Blu-ray / DVD combo
Audio Commentary, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Photo Gallery, Music Videos.
Languages: English and Spanish, Subtitles: English SDH and Spanish, 6 Part Making-of Documentary (Picture-In-Picture Mode on Blu-ray Only); “Jump To… Edward”; “Jump To… Jacob”; “Jump To… The Love Triangle”; “Jump To… The Cullens”; “Jump To… The Wolfpack”; “Jump To… The Humans”; “Jump To… Victoria’s Army”; “Jump To… Action Sequences”.

  • 2 Discs Edition
Deleted & Extended Scenes
Audio Commentary with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
Audio Commentary with Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey
Photo Gallery
Six-Part “Making of” Documentary
Music Videos
Edward Fast-Forward: Jump to all your favorite Edward scenes
Jacob Fast-Forward: Jump to all your favorite Jacob scenes

  • 2 Disc Collector’s Edition DVD

Featuring all the content from the standard 2-disc plus deluxe packaging and 6 collectible photo-cards
Special Features from the standard version alos included are Deleted and Extended Scenes
Audio Commentary from Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Stephanie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey
6-Part Making of Documentary
Jump to Features and Music Videos

  • Blu Ray/DVD Combo Collector’s Edition
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray DVD includes both versions on one disc + exclusive deluxe packaging and six collectible photo-cards
Also includes all special features from the standard Blu-Ray DVD including Deleted and Extended Scenes
6-Part Making of Documentary
2 Audio Commentaries Featuring Rob Pattinson and Kristen Steward and Stephanie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey
Photo Gallery, Jump to Features, Music Videos and More!

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viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

Y mas articulos Harry Potter

Muchos articulos mas de Harry Potter, interesados contactarnos en

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Muñecos Barbie Twilight Crepusculo

Muñecos Barbie de Alice, Edward, Bella, Victoria y Jacob, intersados contactarnos en

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

My experience at Hallow Fest 2010 Mexico City with Alex Meraz and Charlie Bewley


OCTOBER 30th, 2010

As a Twilight Mom to be I just had an awesome experience last Saturday October 30th 2010 at the Hallow Fest Convention in Mexico City, where I was able to meet actors Alex Meraz (Paul) and Charlie Bewley (Demetri) from the Twilight Saga Movies. 

It all started with a simple announcement of the Hallow Fest 2010 made thru Facebook, it sounded good until I read that 2 Twilight actors where going to attend, that made it spectacular! Then I was presented with another problem I was pregnant and well everyone knows that pregnant woman are in risk if attending a convention with a lot of fans and hours waiting, that was something I was not going to be able to handle at 6 months pregnant by the time the convention was going to be held. I started researching who was organizing the event in order to contact them about my situation, this was the first time actors from the Twilight Saga where going to come for a fan event and I was not going to stay at home if that was possible. 

The first time an actor came was Robert Pattinson promoting Twilight, unfortunately for me I got sick that week and got to be at the hospital. The second time, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart came to Mexico promoting New Moon, this time I was going to attend the press conference that was the only event they were attending, I was supposed to be at another event but I canceled in order to go, for my bad luck I got to be outside the conference room in the hotel they were staying but was not able to enter due to the fact that one of the people in charge of the conference said I was too old to be there (I’m 31! How many fans are same age or even older than me?) That demonstrated this person had no idea whatsoever about Twilight and their fans, this really got me very disappointed, I was the only fan left behind for the conference.

After these two very bad experiences what I really wanted was to be able to attend a Twilight Saga event where the actual actors attended, so my pregnancy was not going to be a limit for me. After my research I was able to contact one person in charge of organizing the Hallow Fest, I talk to him on the phone and told him that I was pregnant but really wanted to attend, he supported me in every possible way, saying he would meet me at the event and take me directly to the front of the line in order to get the autograph and picture taken as soon as the actors got there, that way I did not have to wait long and be with the rest of the people risking myself. This was a sign that I was going to be able to make a dream come true, what I did not expect was what really happened at the event.

The day finally arrived; I was still incredulous about getting the help the person from the Hallow Fest offered me, but around 8:30 am I got a call from him telling me he will be there waiting and that 2 other persons will be at the ticket counter waiting for me. So I got ready and left my house, starting one day I will never forget.
I arrived at Hallow Fest and looked for the person that was going to help me get thru and wait in front of the line with the fans; I went to the ticket counter and there were two girls that already knew my case, they gave me my wristband and told me to go ahead and go directly where the actors where going to be signing. As I was standing there the fan line began to fill up, everyone was so excited and as soon as the actors got there they all started screaming, I was not in front of the line but already inside the VIP area where the actors where sitting down getting ready for the signing to begin, then the people that were organizing and the people that came with the actors said they needed someone to help with some translation, so of course I could not held my tongue and told them I would do it in exchange for a sit as I was pregnant and could not stay standing up for such a long time, they agreed and told me to sit between the actors, that almost gave me a heart attack, I mean I never dreamed so I jump up and down in my head and turn upside down while they help me get settled. 
Alex Meraz and Charlie Bewley chatting before the fans started to line up
Alex Meraz chatting with staff member and Charlie Bewley looking at his own picture as Demetri

Just when I thought my day could not have turn any better, well it totally did as Alex Meraz and Charlie Bewley started chatting with me, they where such a gentleman, nice and caring people. Alex started asking about my baby, if it was my first, how many months I was, when I was due, etc. As soon as I told him that it was a boy and I that I am naming him Alexander he totally loved the idea! 
Alex Meraz and Flor Silva (Charlie Bewley at the end of the table)

After a few minutes the fans started walking thru the table asking for autographs, hugs, kisses, and so on Alex was a total gentleman even the staff told him he was not allowed to give any hugs, kisses or even personalize the autographs, he took the time to do it. Fans where very happy about it and kept on asking him especially for hugs. After 5 or six fans doing it I told Alex that was a great way of working out on his sit ups, he laughed and told me that after the event his butt would be better than ever, which I of course laughed with him. 

Alex Meraz talking to the fans and Flor Silva translating 

Alex Meraz hugging and kissing fans

Some fans gave Alex and Charlie some Mexican gifts, this consisted in chocolate skulls that are a tradition for Halloween. They both appreciate the gifts and took them after the event.

Alex Meraz receiving a chocolate skull (Mexican Halloween Tradition)

During the first round of signing for the fans, the photos of Charlie Bewley had not arrived for the signing so we gave out some posters which of course ran out. Charlie started signing whatever the fans gave to him and some of them well did not have anything so they asked Charlie to sign their shirts, which was really funny. After the first group was over Alex started teasing Charlie about not having pictures to be signed on and he said he wanted to ask him for an autograph, so Alex took one of his own pictures and started drawing Charlie as Demetri, of course with Alex being such a good artist this task was archived fast, then he decided to get up and ask Charlie Bewley to sign it for him, that he was his fan number one and started portraying as true fan, even giving him a hug and an almost kiss.
Alex Meraz drawing Charlie Bewley as Demetri in one of his own photos

The video taken by Flor Silva of Alex Meraz asking Charlie Bewley for an autograph can be found at:

This is the photo of the autograph Charlie Bewley signed for Alex Meraz
Alex Meraz proud of his Charlie Bewley autograph
Photo taken by Flor Silva (Alex is holding the photo)
After the signing there was a little pause in order to align all the fans that wanted to take a picture with one of the actors of both if possible. During this pause I chatted with Alex first about how to say or pronounce some Spanish words like “Crepusculo” which translated is Twilight. Then we started talking about his drawings, as he began to draw the background in one of his photos, we also talked about some museums he wanted to visit before he left the next day, and he told me that he really wanted to go to the “Museo de Antropologia” (Anthropology Museum) and take a look at the Aztec Calendar Stone. I gave him some reference to this and other exhibitions in the museum and other museums in Mexico, hoping he could have the time to visit them in the very limited time he had the next day before taking his flight back home.
Aztec Calendar stone
After a couple of minutes later all fans where organized and were paying their photos, the photos were sold at $150 mexican pesos ($12 usd) each, it was the same as the autographs, unless you paid the pre-sale of the VIP package that consisted in the 2 autographs, a Hallow Fest T-shirt and the entrance to the event with a total cost of $500 pesos ($40 usd). 
Fans in line for pictures

Photo session with fans
Most of the fans paid for both and they could choose if taken with each actor separately or together. So I started to organize with the fans how they liked their picture to be taken, at the end I was able to take my own too and get my own autographs (could not leave without them! 
Alex Meraz, Flor Silva (+Alexander) and Charlie Bewley

Alex Meraz and Flor Silva (+Alexander)

Charlie Bewley and Flor Silva (+Alexander)

After the photo session the actors where having a lunch break and they were heading for a Mexican restaurant as they both wanted to try some tacos. I was not able to stay any longer due to my pregnancy; they even told me if I could so I can keep helping them in the afternoon session. So I said goodbye to both of them and their staff that where very grateful for all my help. So my day with this two wonderful and charismatic Twilight actors was over for me, but the experience will be in my mind for my whole existence.
Hope you could get a little insight of how this awesome guys are and how they liked being in Mexico, but specially I wanted to share with all of you fans the day when I met Alex Meraz and Charlie Bewley in Mexico Hallow Fest 2010.

Flor Silva

Photos taken by Flor Silva, Yunuen Herrejon Limon, Raul Rodrigo C. and Hallow Fest Staff.
Video taken by Flor Silva.